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At present, biometric technology plays a very important role within the business line. This is due to the high effectiveness and reliability of biometric devices that contribute greatly to the safety and good development of companies. There are several types of biometric devices, where facial biometric control has been positioned as one of the best identification systems. Today we tell you a little more about this innovative Rejestracja czasu pracy system.

Facial Biometric Control

The facial biometric control is one of the systems most used by many companies, to carry an adequate control of attendance of personnel. In addition, large entities and important organizations include it as part of their security.

How Does Rejestracja Czasu Pracy Work?

This versatile system adapts to the different needs of companies. It has the potential to integrate with any device that has a modern camera. It works through the identification of the face of people, which is a unique and stable way.
When the collaborator is going to register his entry or exit, he must place his face in such a way that it appears in a significant proportion in the visual field. The device is responsible for analyzing and measuring features such as the shape of the face, the distance between the pupils of the eyes and the texture of the skin.

There may be several factors that alter or change the way the face is recorded, such as accessories (lenses), camera focus, light, among others; but different algorithms are used to maximize the effect of the system. This ensures the effectiveness of the device.

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How Biometric Fingerprint Readers Work

For example, different companies, regardless of industry or size, use these innovative software to control the hours of entry and exit of their employees. In particular, biometric fingerprint readers have been able to position themselves as the best option to accomplish this task.

These readers, in addition to effectively and safely monitor the performance of staff, also contribute greatly to the good development of companies. The information they provide is truthful and real-time, allowing leaders to make informed decisions. But how do they work?

How These Modern Devices Time Registration Operate.

It can be said that humans have ID cards built-in, our fingerprints. These have small "crests and valleys" that are formed by a combination of genetic and environmental factors. Each fingerprint has a unique design that cannot be faked or altered.

As a first step, the fingerprints of all employees are stored in the system database. Each footprint goesalong with Control assistance Kontrola dostępu your personal data. Traces are stored as encrypted codes, which are impossible to decipher.

Then, the collaborators have to place the index finger on the device so that the system can obtain the image of the fingerprint.

The system compares the pattern of valleys and ridges of that image with the patterns of fingerprints stored in the database.

Finally, the system provides a report with the detailed information of each employee. This report may be monthly, bi-weekly or when requested. All reports have metrics and statistics that show each person's performance and at the same time allow leaders to make informed decisions.

Benefits For The Company

• You do not need complex installations, or expensive database software licenses.
• It does not require constant maintenance or a specialized technical staff for its configuration.
• This type of control is quite effective and safe since it does not allow fraud, alteration of information or impersonation.
• Allows you to log offline and synchronize later when connectivity problems occur.
• It provides statistics and metrics with accurate and detailed information of each employee, along with the photograph that guarantees the truthfulness as well as the authenticity of the data.

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